MT3200up Wheel Balancer

RLMF MT3200up
  • Description

MT3200 UP Plus – The most fully featured, space saving balancer, in the industry. For shops that are Space Challenged we have moved our most popular software features into our reduced cabinet size premier balancer. Standard 2D parameter entry with optional 3D and/or optional Laser weight placement.

  • Standard with RPA Weight Positioning. Spins to correct weight placement position, brakes and electronically holds the shaft for fast/accurate weight application. One press of a button, motors to next weight position and holds.
  • Hidden Weight Spoke program. Automatically splits the inside weights and places them behind the spokes, eliminating weight visibility on stylish spoke wheels.
  • Auto Select eliminates the need to select the ALU program, saving time.
  • Opt Flash – calculates the optimal positioning of tire on wheel for minimal needed weight.
  • White LED array illuminates inside of wheel for easier weight application.
  • Two parameter data entry is as simple as touching inside arm to the wheel flange, and distance out and rim diameter are entered automatically.
  • Software includes 5 ALU programs for Tape or Clip weight application.
  • Operator can program the balancer to accept weights at 12:00, 3:00 or 6:00 o’clock dependent on your preferred application location.
  • Reduced cabinet size minimizes floor footprint required.
  • Standard equipment includes 40mm shaft, 4 cone mounting system, wheel safety hood, Haweka quick nut, captured back spring, side cabinet with adapter storage pegs.
  • Optional wheel lift handles heavy tire and wheel configurations eliminating risk of back strain.
  • Includes ‘Shift Plane” allowing operator to change the location of weight to reduce amount required.