Skoda Kodiaq 2016 +

TCD EZ Sensor
Jan/16 +
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Relearn procedure: Stationary

  1. Stop the vehicle and turn off the engine

    Make sure your vehicle is in a safe place

  2. Adjust the cold tire pressure in all four tires recommended on the tire placard on the fuel filler flap

    The cold tire is a tire that is not driven more than 3 hours

  3. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine

    If your vehicle has an ignition button, press the START-STOP ENGINE button without touching the brake pedal

  4. Press the CAR button

    The button is located on the infotainment display

  5. Find the TPMS or TYRE PRESSURE menu

    Use the ◄ ► button on the screen to cycle the menu

  6. Tap the SET button

    Tap the touchscreen to select

  7. When a confirmation message appears, select CONFIRM to execute the TPMS reset


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