Saab 9-7X 2007 - 2008

TCD EZ Sensor
Jan/07 - Dec/08
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Relearn procedure: OBD + Stationary

  • Apply parking brake.
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure.
  • Turn ignition ON.
  • Turn headlight switch from OFF to parking lamps 4 times within 3 seconds.
  • A double horn chirp will sound (in learn mode TPMS warning lamp will continue to flash, relearn must be completed in 5 minutes).
  • Starting at the LF tyre increase/decrease pressure for 10 seconds, sensor is identified when horn sounds once.
  • Continue with RF, RR and LR.
  • Check TPMS warning lamp is flashing and turn off ignition.
  • If lamp is extinguished the relearn has timed out, repeat process.

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