RLMF MT3600up
  • Description

  • EASY-ALU Electronic wheel balancer with monitor and latest software solutions for cars and lightweight transport vehicles.
  • The spin unit provides functional features typical of the upper models: reduced cycle time, measuring wheels weighing up to 165 lbs and wheel balancing with inside offset of up to 10.8” without using additional spacer.  The innovative drive and zero maintenance ensure maximum reliability.
  • The wheel guard can be used with wheels up to 44”.
  • Electronic input of wheel diameter and distance with AUTOSELECT function which automatically activates the balancing programs, avoiding keypad selection.
  • Three modes to position the adhesive wheel weights with the weight holfer clip (optional).  with the 6 o’clock laser indicator (optional) or manually at 12 o’clock.
  • TL3 automatic sensor for measurement of wheel width (optional)
  • Automatic wheel positioning (RPA) at the point where the balancing weight has to be applied and electrical positioning brake.
  • LED spotlight to light up the work area and make it easier to clean the rim, check the wheel and apply weights.  The adhesive weights can be positioned extremely rapidly using the laser pointer at 6 o’clock (optional).
  • Quick and intuitive sensitivity calibration. The sample weight is applied directly to the spin unit, ensuring maximum precision and eliminating operator error.
  • Front support base for balancing wheels up to 110 lbs without fastening the machine to the ground.
  • Special programs:  EASY WIDTH — automatic calculation of the width even if the TL-3 external sensor is not present.  The wheel balancer calculates the width by reducing the operation time.  OPT FLASH — indicates ideal wheel/tire assembly position to reduce overall wheel imbalance.  EASY WEIGHT — allows a significant reduction of balancing weights through the analysis of different threshold values, according to the vehicle type (fast or slow).  HIDDEN WEIGHT — for concealing counterweights behind spokes for improved wheel aesthetics.