Tractor Valves

TR618A - clamp in

V5-01-1 standard metal clamp-in tractor valve (Bag of 10)

TR618A - snap-in

Snap in tractor valve - air/water - 15.7mm valve hole (Bag of 10)

TR-CH-3 Core section

Core section for tractor valves - TR-CH-3  / V4-02-1

TR621A clamp-in

TR621A - V5-02-1. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 39mm x 54.5mm x 40.5mm with 115 degree bend

TR622A clamp-in

TR622A - V5-02-2. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 44.5mm x94.5mm x 47mm with 90 degree bend

TR623A clamp-in

TR623A - V5-02-3. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 39mm x 36.5mm x 22mm with 115 degree bend.

TR218A Rubber Base Valve

Rubber base tractor valve - replacement on tubes - wide base - V4-01-1

Plastic Tractor valve nut

Plastic tractor valve nut 

Metal Tractor washer

Metal tractor washer

Metal Tractor valve nut

Brass tractor valve nut.

Ferrule - rim hole reducer

Ferrule to reduce rim hole from 15.7mm to 11.3mm