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Truck - Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers

Mondolfo Ferro, Automotive Service Equipment World leader specialised in the production of tyre changers, wheel balancers, vehicle lifts, wheel alignment machine, brake and suspension tester

RL Auto 14"-26" Truck Tyre Changer

14"-26" Truck Tyre Changer, 400V 3 phase, 1500mm x 780mm wheel dimensions, 1000 Kg wheel weight,  1.1 KW motor, 23000N bead breaking force, 41000N locking force of chuck. 

TB125 14"-26" Truck Tyre Changer

Electro-hydraulic tyre changer for truck and bus wheels of any type, with inner tube and tubeless, up to 26” in diameter.
- Universal self-centring hydraulic chuck
- Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of chuck
- Movable bead-breaker arm
- Ergonomic control board mounted on an articulated arm

TB148 14"-52" Truck and Tractor Tyre Changer

Mondolfo Ferro TBE 148 super deluxe tyre changer. Wheel capacity 14"- 52". Wheel Diameter 2300 mm. Rim Width 950 mm. Max Wheel Weight 1300 kg. Motor power 1,5 - 1.8kw. Breaker force 3500 bar.

TB56 Terra 14"-56" Truck and EM Tyre Changer

Mondolfo Ferro TB56 Terra tyre changer. Wheel capacity 14” to 56”. Wheel Diameter 2700 mm. Rim Width 1500mm. Max. Wheel Weight 2000 kg. Bead breaker force 37000N. Best machine for Agriculture, Earthmover and Tractor Tyres

TB123 Mobile truck tyre changer

Mondolfo Ferro T123 truck tyre changer. Rim width 26" / Wheel diameter 1300 mm. Motor power 1,1kW. Bead breaker force 1500 bar. 

MT2330/50 Truck Wheel Balancer

Mondolfo Ferro's commercial wheel balancer created to meet the requirements of the professional working on truck and bus. The pneumatic lifter is built-in, it has an ergonomic control system which copes with wheels weighing up to 150 kg. The pneumatic brake slows the wheel when measuring is finished and locks the shaft making it easier to position the balance weights. MT2330 is hand spin, MT2350 is motorised.