Please Note: After a recent Tesla software update, the ability to manually initiate the TPMS Reset has been removed from many vehicles. Instead the vehicle should determine that a change has occurred within the first 20 minutes of driving after a new sensor has been fitted, at which point the driver will be displayed with the option to select the correct wheel size.

Because the message sometimes now takes a long time to display, or in some cases does not display at all for the first few times the vehicle is driven after a wheel, tyre, or sensor change, a TPMS reset may not occur until a significant amount of driving has occurred. Additionally, if the vehicle is not stationary for at least 20 minutes between drives then the sensors will not be able to provide their locations, which will further delay the process.

Other factors that may delay the TPMS reset include transporting the original sensors (or wheels with the original sensors mounted) inside the vehicle, starting the TPMS Reset from the same location that the original sensors were removed, and driving the Tesla in close proximity to other Tesla vehicle