Service Kit - A

Alfa Romeo, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen
Sensors: 9001,9002,9003,9005,9007,9008,9010,9011,9012,9013
Torque Nut to 4 N.m
Service Pack: 1090K
TCD ServiceA    

Service Kit - B

Citroen, Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot
Sensor:1055F, 65396 
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack: 1030K 65659 S180014561A
TCD ServiceB  

Service Kit - EA

Alloy rims on Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Smart, & Suzuki 
Sensor: 9161E  65971
Torque Nut to 6 Nm
Service Pack:  65962
TCD ServiceEA

Service Kit - ES

Steel rims on Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Smart, & Suzuki
Sensor: 9161F  65970
Torque Nut to 6 Nm
Service Pack: 65964
TCD ServiceES  

Service Kit - FA

Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo
Sensors: 1060F,1063E, 66042, 66043
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack 66070
TCD ServiceFA

Service Kit - FB

Hyundai, Kia
Sensor: 1060G, 66040
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack:  66071
TCD ServiceFB

Service Kit - G

Infiniti, Nissan, Renault
Sensor: 9152E
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack:  65961
TCD ServiceG

Service Kit - I - Alloy Wheels

Renault - Alloy Rims
Sensor: 9155E
Torque Nut to 4.25 Nm
Service Pack:  65654
TCD ServiceI

Service Kit - J - Steel Wheels

Renault - Steel Rims (and Alloy Rims on Clio and Modus)
Sensor: 9154E, 60234
Torque Nut to 7.5 Nm
Service Pack: 65655
TCD ServiceJ 

Service Kit - KV

For VDO TG1C type sensors
Complete valve stem replacement

Service Kit - L

TCD ServiceL 65655

Service Kit - M

Citroen, Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot
Sensor: 9181E, 60311
Torque Nut to 4.25 Nm
Service Pack:  65656
TCD ServiceM

Service Kit - N

Saab, Vauxhall, Lotus, Jeep, Chrysler, Volvo
Sensors 9159E , 9158E, 9158F, 9151, 9151E 9150E 65129 65716 65717 65335 66157 65889 65191
Service Pack: 65657
TCD ServiceN

Service Kit - O

Sensor: 1055E 65397
Torque Nut to 8.5 Nm
Service Pack:  65658
TCD ServiceO

Service Kit - P

Chrysler / Dodge
Sensor: 9199 66113 
Service Pack: 66138
TCD ServiceP

Service kit - Q

Sensor: 1062E 65939
Torque nut to 8 Nm
Service Kit:  65963
TCD ServiceQ

Service Kit - S

Schrader Gen J & Alpha Sensors 
Sensor: 9160J, 9160L, 9160P, 66050 66116 66543
Service Kit: 66700
TCD ServiceS 

Service Kit - TX

TPMS Valve Stem
Torque nut to 6 Nm - adjust angle of sensor to rim profile
Sensor: 1049  A2C595113309 A2C59511332-495
Service Kit: 1040K 65958 A2C59511332
TCD ServiceTX 

Service Kit - WX

Replacement Valve Stem for Schrader Gen Alpha Sensors. Add Service Kit S for Nut, Cap and Core. Please note that the round seating nut is not available if this is damaged a new sensor is required. 

Service Pack 43148

TCD ServiceWX

Service Kit - YX

Replacement Stem - Angled Base
For VDO TG1C type sensors Service Pack: 43171
TCD ServiceYX

Service Kit - ZX

Replacement Stem - Flat Base with screw fitting (screw not supplied) 
For VDO TG1B type sensors 1055R
TCD ServiceZX