Safety Cones, Hazard Lights & Seasonal Items

450mm Road Cone

Eco friendly 100% re-cycled PVC giving improved finish, Virtually indestructible one piece self weighted Heavy Duty Road Cone. Red/ White, Designed for maximum stability. Compression moulded from and strength, Ideal for most traffic control situations on Roads and Emergency Works, Attachment groove at top of neck to facilitate the attachment of barrier tape or rope. Hole in top for inserting additional pole etc. , Weight 2.6kg. Dimensions Base 29 x 29cm.

De-Icing Rock Salt Brown 25kg


Warning Triangle

Warning Triangle European Approved Boxed. Sturdy fold-up design with heavy metal leg support. Fits in small space, especially suited for Motor Vehicles. Size when erected H38 x W43cms. Weight approx 1 kg. 38cm x 43cm

JSP Flashing Hazard Lamp 130mm