Torque Wrenches
RLN 1200#
1" and 3/4" Torque Wrench

1" and 3/4" Norbar Torque Wrench

Robust construction gives accurate results, to +/-4%, even in arduous working conditions. Every wrench supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy requirements of ISO9000:2000. The large break angle improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over torquing. Cam control of the mechanism gives a controlled break which will not throw the operator off balance.

 1" and 3/4" Norbar Torque wrench for truck and tractor - choose range

RLN 130105

1/2" Norbar Torque Wrench

Norbar has engineered this range of torque wrenches ensuring that accuracy, ease of setting and comfort when using, are a priority.

1/2" Norbar Torque wrench for car and van - choose range