Rigid Brass Large Bore Extentions

All-brass extension used where mounted in straight line with valve. Full-length deflector pin opens core in valve when servicing. Equipped with hex cap and 2 lock nuts on extensions over 5” in length. “

Handbendable Large Bore Extentions

Handbendable Large Bore Extentions. Equipped with 2 lock nuts and 3/4” hex sealing nut. A teflon gasket seals on end of valve, the lead seal in the sealing nut is forced into the threads for a second seal, positively locking extension to valve. Cap and core not included. They should be removed from valve and transferred to extension.

777F Extention - Inner Rear

777F Extention - Inner Rear - 4 bend 28 7/8" valve

777 Extention 4 bend 17 15/16"

777 Extention 4 bend 17 15/16"