Tyre Repair

Tech Bias Ply Patches

Tech Bias Ply Patches  5 per box - choose size

EM Bowties

EM Bowties - 20 strips per box - 100mm x 20mm strips

Tyre Brander

 Single Slot Holds Three 1" Replaceable Numbers and Letters. Numbering Disc features the Dial-The-Number indicator showing the number being branded. 1 inch characters from 0-9 around outside of head, Self contained heating unit keeps all digits hot. Includes built-in stand, Slot in face of branding head for up to 4 more characters - numbers or letters. Rugged construction  for long life. Available in 120 or 240 volt.

Tech Radial Repairs

Tech Radial Repairs - choose size

Fat Brown String Repair


Fat Brown String Repair - 8"

Thin Black String

Thin Black String Repair - 12"

Fibre Seal Inserts

Fibre seal inserts - Choose type

Tech Blue Glue - Tech - 235ml can

Heavy Duty Blue Vulcanizing fluid provides single coat coverage in bias tube type truck and tractor tires. Can be used with any Tech chemical repair unit in hot or cold applications. 8 oz., 235 ml can with brush top lid.

Tyre pens

Valve action paint markers for writing on tyres - choose colours from option box

Excellent all surface marking with durable, fade resistant, high visibility marks

Yellow lead free wax crayons

12 Yellow lead free wax crayons

White lead free wax crayons

12 White Lead free wax crayons. Rubber / tyre waterproof marking crayon.115mm long x 14mm diameter