Jacks and Stands
RLE 12500

55 ton crib stand set

Heavy duty cribbing for jacks and other tools, cribbing is durable - will not bend or warp, Complete set - includes 3”, 6” and 9” stands. Units can be nested together for 18” total lift. Recessed area on cribbing fits 7” square plate on 55 ton cylinders.

RLE 15255

Cribbing Blocks

Certified and tested, Multiple sizes, shapes fit most applications. Interlocking or aggressive nonslip surface. Non-conducting plastic resists oil and most chemicals. Does not splinter like wood. Carrying lanyards provided on all
- Made from 100% recycled plastic, Rated up to 298,000 lbs (135,000 kg) depending upon configuration
RLE 14400

Pair of 11 ton low level axle stands

Sturdy, welded steel construction for superior safety and strength. Heavy gauge, steel frame helps prevent distortion or twisting , Capacity- 11 tons per stand, Min height - 325mm,  Max height 500mm.
RLE 25110
Weight: kg

22 ton air bag

Lifts 15 tons 6-7 inches (15-18 cm), Weight: 17 lbs. (7.7 kg)  Maximum lifting capacity: 22.5 tons,  20” X 20” X 1” (50.8 X 50.8 X 2.54 cm), Maximum inflation: 9 inches (22.86 cm)

RLG Y454000

5 ton forklift Jack

4/5 Tons. This jack implements 2 lifting points; the low saddle is appropriate for service on forklift trucks while the high saddle is convenient during tractor maintenance jobs. Professional universal joint release valve makes it possible to lower the jack with load very precisely and free of any risks.

7.5 ton forklift jack

The solution for heavy duty forklifts.

Easily handles larger lift trucks found in heavy industrial shops. Lifting Capacity - 7.5 ton / 15,000 lbs. Min. Starting Height - 2 1/4". Max Lifting Height - 16 1/2". Width - 9".

RLE 11900
Weight: kg

Bead Seat Installer

Uses hydraulic force to install bead seat bands in earthmover tires. 25 tons of hydraulic force to ensure that all bead seat bands are installed effortlessly. The angled plate rests against a large section of the tyre, ensuring protection of the bead during installation.