Aftermarket TPMS kits
TCS Airaware

Air Aware Aftermarket TPMS kit

Aftermarket TPMS kit - 4 OE valve sensors and in-car display. Supplied ready to fit, fifth valve sensor can be purchased as option. Display is powered by 2 AA batteries and can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle.

Avoid breakdowns from a flat tyre, Improve passenger safety, Improve fuel consumption due to correct tyre pressures. Avoid tyre wear due to low inflation and improve tyre life.

Very simple to install.

TCS AWsensor

Schrader Sensor AWSensor

Vauxhall Antara, Valve Sensor - Air Aware kit

TCS AWsensor - 65649

TCD VS950s
VS950S Valve Stem

VS 950S - TPMS snap-in

Replacement TPMS Snap-in with T10 screw
For speeds up to 110mph / 180km/h otherwise use VS950H or VS925A metal valve
Sensor Service : 9160E, 9160F, 9160H, 9160K, 9160M, 9170E, 9198E
Torque T10 Torx screw to 1.4 Nm
Service: 9160K 65573 + 65598
TCD Trailer1

Trailer Kit

RL Automotive's trailer tyre pressure monitoring system is designed to be installed directly in your trailer tyres to provide accurate pressure and temperature readings. A warning will trigger if your pressure is 20% below or 30% above your pre-set pressure, and you can set the pressure as low as 30 psi and as high as 130 psi! The system is available with either 2 or 4 sensors.
TCD 1200

1200 Aftermarket TPMS Kit

A simple approach to having TPMS system  The TCD 1200 can support to four tyres and can easily installed within minutes and without any technical knowledge. Simply screw the sensors onto the valve stems in the place of valve stem caps. Battery power status display. Abnormal pressure warning. Transmission status display. Accurate tyre pressure sensors +/- 3 PSI.  DIY installation .  Anti theft sensor mounting design