Ford Focus 2011 - 2015

TCD EZ Sensor
Jan/11 - Dec/15
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Relearn procedure: Drive

  • Apply parking brake
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • With ignition OFF, depress and release the brake pedal
  • Switch the ignition from OFF to ON (Operating), three times ending in the ON (Operating) position
  • Depress brake pedal and release
  • Turn ignition switch to the OFF position
  • Switch the Ignition from OFF to ON (Operating), three times ending in the ON (Operating) position
  • The horn will sound once and the TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) indicator flashes when the learning mode has been successfully activated, if present the Driver Information System shows “TRAIN LEFT FRONT (LF) TYRE”
  • Read all sensors

To Set Pressure thresholds

  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • Turn ignition ON
  • Using the information display control, navigate to MENU/SETTINGS, VEHICLE INFORMATION/SETUP, Driver Assist, Tyre pressure/monitor sys
  • Press and hold the OK button until confirmation appears
  • Alternatively, if the vehicle has a TPMS reset button, press and hold the button until confirmation appears

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