SRM Mini Arm

  • Description

Multipurpose device for tyre-changers.

The Super RM Mini is a practical and functional “aid” device specifically designed to make mounting and demounting operations quicker, more precise and safer. Capable of working on all types of tyre - including ultra low profile and run flat tyres - and light alloy wheel rims. It can be fitted to the whole Aquila AS 922 - AS 924 Series tyre changers only. 

Tapered roller - Facilitates demounting/mounting of first bead by keeping the bead within the rim well. Facilitates demounting of second bead. 

Large disc - Lifts the tyre and detaches the lower bead. 

Rotating bead depressor - Follows the tyre radially during mounting and demounting and depresses the bead with a roller. 

Wheel presser cone - Facilitates clamping of the wheel onto the turntable when working with particularly rigid tyres.