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Vehicle Lifts


2.5 ton Lift Platform - Air Operated

Air Operated 2.5 ton lift platform. Max height 500mm, Min height 115mm. Comes with 8 rubber blocks for positioning under the vehicle. Designed for the busy Tyre Replacement Centre. Optional arms are available to extend the lifting range. 

Weight: kg

TItan 2 Post Lift Series

Three main versions with 3,2ton - 5ton capacity and a system of synchronisation between the two columns. Maintenance is strongly reduced thanks to the automatic continuous screw and nut lubrication system. All lifts feature an automatic safety device tripped in case of excessive wear of the load-bearing nut screw. Standard industry workhorse in the Garage marketplace.

Titan 4 post lifts

A maximum load capacity of 4000 Kg together with a minimum ground height of just 126 mm. These lifts have large runways that make it possible to lift most vehicles without having to frequently adjust the mobile runway. Wheel Alignment lift for heavy duty use in the Garage and Fast Fit Sector.
RLMF 72x

Titan 720 Series Lift Platforms

max capacity

3600 kg

max height

2000 mm

lift width

2100 mm

rest height

270 mm

runways length

4319 mm

runways length (L)

4670 mm

lifting time