Tool and Accessories for Tyre Changers

RL Automotive
RLB 15-450-0002
Metal Valve Puller

Metal valve puller

Metal valve puller - for removing and inserting snap-in valves

Screw onto valve stem and pull through


Product Code RLB 15-450-0002

RL Automotive
RLB 15-450-0015
Alloy Valve Puller

Valve puller

Valve puller for alloy rims to protect rim when demounting and mounting valves. Made from a heavy duty polymer. 


Product Code RLB 15-450-0015

RL Automotive
RLA Rimprotecter
Rim Protector
Rim Protector

Rim Protector

Rim protector to protect alloy rims whilst demounting and mounting tyres and valves. Place over rim where tyre lever or valve puller is to be used.

Product Code RLA Rimprotect

Mondolfo Ferro
RLMF 801258383
Bead Breaker Protector

Bead Breaker Protector for alloys

Bead Breaker Protector for alloys

Made from a heavy duty polymer. Fits as a sleeve over the bead breaking spade on the side of a tyre changer 

Product Code RLMF 801258383

RL Automotive
RLM TCB-2-20
20" Flat Lever

20" flat lever

RLM TCB/2(20) - 20" flat lever for tyre changers
RL Automotive
RLM TCB-2-24
24" Flat Lever

24" flat lever

RLM TCB/2(24) - 24" flat lever for tyre changers


Product Code RLM TCB/2-24

RLA Psleeve
Long Plastic Sleeve - Tyre Lever

Plastic Sleeve for tyre lever

Plastic Sleeve for tyre lever
RLMF 35016 - xxx
Rim Support Pad

Rubber Rim Support Pad

Rubber Pad for fixing to side of Tyre Changer Mondolfo Ferro, Corghi, SICE
RLMF 8-11100070

Set of 4 Motorcycle Adapters

Set of 4 Motorcycle Extentions for Mondolfo, Corghi,  Promont, SICE , lifts spoked wheels away from turntable
RLMF 8-11100069

8" turntable reducing adapters for ATV and small wheels - set of 4

Set of 4 adapters for ATV and other 8 - 10" wheels 
RLMF 8-11100068

4" turntable extention adapters - set of 4

4" extention adapters to increase tyre changer capability. Set of 4
RLMF 801250309
plastic demount

Plastic demount head

Plastic demount head
RLMF 801252083

Scooter / ATV Head

Scooter / ATV / Go Kart / Mower tyre changer head
RLMF 5-104101
Metal Demount Head

Metal demount head

Metal Demount head for Corghi, Mondolfo Ferro, SICE
RLMF 801254341
Set of 5 Top Inserts

Plastic Inserts - Set of 5 - Corghi, Mondolfo

Top plastic inserts - set of 5
RLMF 801258898
Bottom Insert
Bottom Insert

Lower Plastic Inserts - Corghi, Mondolfo

Lower plastic inserts - each - Mondolfo, Corghi
RLMF 4-109664

Pedal forward / reverse spring

Spring for turntable pedal - Mondolfo, Corghi, Promont, SICE


Product Code RLMF 4-109664

RLMF 410628
Pedal Spring
Pedal Spring

Pedal Spring

Standard pedal spring - Mondolfo, Corghi, Promont, SICE


Product Code RLMF 410628

RLA GClamp
G Clamp

G Clamp

Heavy Duty Polymer G clamp for alloy rims



Product Code RLA GClamp 

Mondolfo Ferro
Low Profile Alloy Clamp

Low Profile Wheel Clamp

For mounting European style rim clamp VR & ZR high speed low profile Tyre Changers. Material: Made from Nylon-6, will not scratch decorative/ aluminum rim.


Product Code RLMF LPCClamp