Paper, seat covers
RLC Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll - pack of 36

Valid to end of May

Toilet Roll - pack of 36

RLC Toilet Roll


Van Seat Cover - Black

Single Front Van Seat Cover suitable for most cars and vans, will fit either a drivers or passenger single seat. Extremely strong, heavy duty water resistant, very well made and an excellent investment to protect your seats from a multitude of disasters! Made from heavy duty high density nylon fabric. Protects upholstery from dirt, grease, oil, water, food and drink. Easily wiped clean. Universal size. Elasticated Base and velcro sides for easy fitment. Not suitable for seats with seat mounted air bags
RLA Seat100

Disposable Seat Covers (pack of 100)

Economy duty disposable seat covers ideal for protecting seats during a service, MOT or valet sold on the roll in a centre feed dispenser box for easy and portable use. 

RLA Seat100 


Nitrile gloves - pack of 100

Nitrile gloves - pack of 100. Ideal for protecting hands from dirt and potential irritants. Superior comfort and dexterity when compared to Vinyl gloves. Textured surface provides additional grip. Choose Size RLA Glove-Nitrile
RLC Blueroll

Blue Roll - Pack of 6

Blue Roll - 2 ply centre feed - pack of 6
RLC Cabletie
cable ties

12" Cable Ties - 100

12" Cable Ties - pack of 100