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Wheel alignment

Mondolfo Ferro, Automotive Service Equipment World leader specialised in the production of tyre changers, wheel balancers, vehicle lifts, wheel alignment machine, brake and suspension tester

Trak-Rite 2

Trak-Rite 2 Laser Wheel Alignment Gauge. For use on vehicle lifts as well as on ground. 8” - 24” rim dia. +/- 2 deg range.


PPL40+ Laser Tracking Gauge. For use on vehicle lifts as well as on ground.

See below for optional extras for Commercial vehicles

Commercial upgrade for PPL40+

Large Mirror & frame for the PPL40+. For use with commercial vehicles (twin steering axles)

4 wheel laser alignment

The Trak-Rite XY is a complete wheel calibration system supplied with full instructions and it’s on steel workshop stand to ensure that the components and accessories are readily to hand. The Trak-Rite X-Y is a four wheel laser alignment gauge designed for fast and efficient work flow. Rather than resting on the floor, one component of the gauge sits on each of the four wheels. This provides a comfortable working height and is ideal for normal vehicles with clearance between the top of the tyre and racing cars. Vehicles with no clearance such as competition saloon racing cars should use the Trak-Rite pp40+. Sprung aluminium contact pins are gentle on Alloy wheels and are simple to operate. Two storage options are available, either a double sided mobile workshop stand (on castors), or a wall mounted stand (pictured, right). Both storage stands are manufactured from mild steel with a powder coated finish.

8 Sensor Wheel aligner

Mondolfo Ferro Trigon 704. 4 sensor heads attached by cables. Number of sensors 8. data bank 6500 vehicles. resolution 0,05°. screen dimensions 17".

Trigon 4 Wheel Alignment System

Mondolfo Ferro Trigon 4 Evolution. Front and rear total toe +/- 40. Thrust angle +/-20°. Front and rear camber +/- 10°. Front king-pin and caster +/- 30°. Computerised wheel aligner with artificial vision measurement. system - 8 cameras for maximum precision.