Dodge Durango 2011 +

Jan/11 +

VS 950S - TPMS snap-in

Replacement TPMS Snap-in with T10 screw
For speeds up to 110mph / 180km/h otherwise use VS950H or VS925A metal valve
Sensor Service : 9160E, 9160F, 9160H, 9160K, 9160M, 9170E, 9198E
Torque T10 Torx screw to 1.4 Nm
Service: 9160K 65573 + 65598

Service Kit - G

Infiniti, Nissan, Renault
Sensor: 9152E
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack:  65961
TCD ServiceG

Service Kit - FA

Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo
Sensors: 1060F,1063E, 66042, 66043
Torque Nut to 8 Nm
Service Pack 66070
TCD ServiceFA

Service Kit - KV

For VDO TG1C type sensors
Complete valve stem replacement

Snap-in Valve for VDO TG1D

TPK14201 - Clamp in