Digital and manual tread gauges
RLB 15-310-0001
rlb 15-310-0001

Manual Tread Depth Gauge - MOT

Tyre Tread Depth Gauge is manufactured to stringent quality standards and is VOSA approved for MoT testing. Easy to read, it provides accurate measurement of tread 1-26mm and has a handy pocket clip. Features a 1.6mm illegal tyre tread depth mark

Accuracy: 0.25mm, Complies to EC Directive 89/459
VOSA approved

RLA 9000C

Digital Tread Gauge

Digital Tread Gauge plastic body. 0-25mm

Digital tread depth gauge

Digital Tread Depth Gauge. 0-26mm, 0.01mm increments
RLA 9001aMOT

Digital Tread Gauge MOT

Calibrated and VOSA approved for use when MOT testing all classes of vehicle. Hardened and tempered stainless steel gauge. Metric and Imperial calibration with conversion between the two. Zero reset control allows for comparative measurement.
RLD 5132

Metal Tread Gauge

Engineered manual gauge, 0.1mm resolution, 0-25mm, measures shoulder wear as well as tread depth  
RLH N-1410
EM Tread Gauge

Earthmover Tread Gauge

Haltec N-1410 Off- Highway Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

Indicating bar is calibrated with 0-192  32nds on one

side, other side is 1-150mm . Has magnified

sight-glass for easy readability. Comes with a

carrying holster. The finest instrument available.