Grommet Removal Tool

Rubber Grommet removal tool,


TCD 4700

TPMS Torque Wrench

TPMS Torque Wrench 2-10 N.m. torque wrench, 3/8″ drive, complete with 11mm & 12mm sockets

TCD 5103

TPMS Valve Core Torque Driver

Valve core torque driver - 0.5 Nm 

  • Prevents over or under torquing
  • A must for the TPMS valves to maintain proper pressure
  • Both a core remover and precise installer
  • Prevents premature tyre failure due to leaking valves
  • Easy and simple to use

Schrader no 65783-67 , Dill No 5414

TCD 5414

T-10 Torque Screwdriver

TPMS T-10 Torque Screwdriver for the base of snap-in and clamp-in valves ( excl. Beru)  with preset torque 1.4 (12.5 in-lbs)

TCD 5415

T-20 Torque Screwdriver

TPMS  T-20 Torque Screwdriver for the base of Beru valves with pre-set torque 4 N.m. (35 in-lb)

TCD 5535

Complete TPMS Toolkit

Complete TPMS Tool Kit with case. Contains:
2-10 N.m. Torque Wrench with 11mm and 12 mm sockets
Rubber Grommet / Washer Removal Tool
T-6 Torque Screwdriver 
T-10 Torque Screwdriver bit
T-15 Torque Screwdriver bit
T-20 Torque Screwdriver bit
Valve Core Torque Screwdriver - pre-set to 0.5 N.m 
TCD 8100E

TPMS fishing tool

3-way TPMS fishing tool



TCD 8910

4-Way Removal and Seating Tool


4-Way TPMS Nut Removal and Grommet Seating Tool



TCD 8911