TR618A - clamp in

V5-01-1 standard metal clamp-in tractor valve (Bag of 10)

TR618A - snap-in

Snap in tractor valve - air/water - 15.7mm valve hole (Bag of 10)

TR-CH-3 Core section

Core section for tractor valves - TR-CH-3  / V4-02-1

TR621A clamp-in

TR621A - V5-02-1. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 39mm x 54.5mm x 40.5mm with 115 degree bend

TR622A clamp-in

TR622A - V5-02-2. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 44.5mm x94.5mm x 47mm with 90 degree bend

TR623A clamp-in

TR623A - V5-02-3. Air/Water Tractor clamp-in valve - 39mm x 36.5mm x 22mm with 115 degree bend.

Plastic Tractor valve nut

Plastic tractor valve nut 

Metal Tractor washer

Metal tractor washer

Metal Tractor valve nut

Brass tractor valve nut.

TR-SP2 Spud

V5-10-1 / TR SP 2 spud 

Earthmover short straight valve

TRJ670 / V5-03-1 short straight earthmover valve

EM Valve TRJ650

Earthmover valve - 27mm height, 80 deg bend 80mm length

Earthmover valve TRJ652

Earthmover valve TRJ652  - 27mm height, 86 deg bend 140mm length

Earthmover valve TRJ651

Earthmover valve TRJ651  - 27mm height, 90 deg bend 119mm length

Earthmover Valve TRJ653

Earthmover valve TRJ653  - 27mm height, 80 deg bend 63.5mm length

Earthmover Valve TR657

Earthmover valve TRJ657  - 27mm height, 80 deg bend 102mm length

TRJ691 Turret Valve

Large Bore Turret Valve for planetary gear wheels. 18 deg bend 84.1mm length

Loader Valve T670

Loader Valve

777 Valve - WHG 1450 VC

777 Valve 5 bend 32 7/8" Valve

777 Valve Rear Swivel Valve

777 Valve Rear Swivel Valve

4 bend 28 3/8" Valve


777 & 775 Rear Valve 4 Bend 26 3/4"

777 & 775 Rear Valve 4 Bend 26 3/4"

Super Large Bore 8" Swivel Valve

MR-800 Length. Rigid metal swivel valve with R-520 core housing and (2) B-222 lock nuts