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TPMS sensors detect tyre under-inflation and give warnings for loss of 25 percent or more pressure. Properly inflated tyres: • Improve fuel economy; • Decrease tyre wear; • Improve vehicle handling; • Reduce braking distances

TPMS valves must be serviced every time a tyre is removed from the rim to prevent loss of tyre pressure. Servicing consists of replacing: • Valve cap; • Valve stem nut; • Rubber grommet; • Nickel-plated valve core; We carry Service kits for all vehicle makes and models.

European Legislation

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  • From November 2012 all new type vehicles in the M1 category (vehicles under 3.5 Tonnes with less than 8 seats) will be required by law to have Tyre Pressure Monitoring System installed. This applies to the road wheels not the spare.
  • By November 2014 all new passenger vehicles will have to have TPMS installed by the manufacturer.
  • The law is not currently retrospective, and does not apply to older vehicles.
  • In the UK illuminated TPMS warning lights are an MOT advisory and will be an MOT failure from 2015.
  • USA legislation

    TPMS was introduced by General Motors in March 1997 for the 5th generation (C5) Corvette in conjunction with Goodyear run flat tires. The Firestone and Ford tire controversy|Firestone recall]] in the late 1990s (which was linked to more than 100 deaths from rollovers following tire tread-separation), pushed the Clinton Administration to legislate the Tread Act. The Act mandated the use of a suitable TPMS technology in all light motor vehicles (under 10,000 pounds), to help alert drivers of severe under-inflation events. This act affects all light motor vehicles sold after September 1, 2007. Phase-in started in October 2005 at 20%, and reached 100% for models produced after September 2007.